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Our most popular question is…
How easy are GiGG’L nappies to use?
Gone are the huge pins and different folding techniques. Modern cloth nappies are so much easier than before. You just pop and go! Check out our How To Use Video to see how easy it really is.
The only difficulty we found is keeping our baby still!

How often should I change my baby’s nappy?
Although GiGG’L nappies are resilient and super absorbent and may last for many, many hours we advise you change your baby’s nappy frequently.

How many nappies will I need to buy?
If you wash every other day 15 to 20 nappies will be enough.

How much will I need to spend to get started?
You can get fully started from just £100 with a 5 nappy starter kit. Remember, you can reuse the nappies for any subsequent children you may have or pass them on to family.

Do your nappies come in different sizes?
Our nappies come in two sizes: Newborn and Regular.
The newborn size fits babies up to 12lbs or 5kg.
The regular size fits babies between 8lbs and 35lbs or 4kg to 16kg.

What comes included with each nappy?

One pack consists of the waterproof wrap, which is the fancy outer part.
One insert, which absorbs all the urine.
One booster, which is similar to the insert but is smaller and used to increase the overall absorbency.

Can I Use Bleach?

No, as bleach reduces the insert's absorbency. 

How can I get the poo stains out?
The sun is a great natural stain remover. Just leave your nappy in the sun for a few hours and you’ll find the stains will disappear!
Even winter sun can fade some stains.

Can I use cloth nappies from birth?
Yes. The GiGG’L nappies are ideal for use from birth to potty. However, we recommend using the GiGG’L New Born nappy that fits babies up to 12lbs or 5kg. Although the regular size can be used, it can fit a little big especially on tiny babies.

Can I use a GiGG’L Nappy during the night?
Definitely. The included booster should be added to the insert for night time use. This will give baby at least 12 hours protection.

Is it ok to wash at 40°C?
We do suggest washing at 60°C but lightly soiled nappies wash equally as well at the more eco-friendly level of 40°C.

How often will I need to put a wash on?
Depending on how many nappies you have you may have to wash every other day or every 3 days.

Can I wash nappies with our normal clothes?
Yes, GiGG’L nappies can be washed with normal clothes. We recommend pre-soaking or pre-washing the inserts to reduce the amount of urine that had been absorbed.