About Us

From our cosy flat in North London the idea of GiGG’L came when we were expecting our first baby. The thought of the accumulative price of disposable nappies and learning what happens to those nappies after parents throw them out made us turn to washable nappies. Our parents used them on us so why shouldn’t we use them on our baby? Better yet….. why not start a reusable nappy business!


We started with 100 nappies, our Retro Series, then a year after redesigned the nappy and insert to create a nappy that gives perfect protection even for the most heavy wetter and, most importantly, can be used at night without having to do a change. The nappies were fully tested by our very own GiGG’L Baby and our new improved design became our Novel Series.


Our slogan ‘Nappy for Life' means exactly what is it says. If your GiGG'L nappy wears out while you are still using it simply send it back to us and receive 30% off your next nappy order. Terms and conditions apply.


Future goals for GiGG’L are to create awareness of the benefits to reusable nappies and to update our product range to include reusable training pants and swim pants.