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A colourful and durable 10L nappy bucket and lid to store soiled nappies is an essential item in your house when using washable nappies. The lid ensures all unwanted smells are kept inside keeping your home fresh and odor free.

Our buckets come in three fun colours mixes: 
Green with a blue lid
Red with a green lid
Blue with a red lid

The bucket can hold up to 18 nappies meaning you won't have to put a wash on just because the bucket is overflowing.

Add a laundry mesh bag to line the bucket and you won't have to touch soiled nappies again. Just lift out the bucket and pop into your washing machine.

If you wish to have the same coloured bucket and lid please email us via the contact form, after you place your order, stating what colour you would like.

Please note: additional items are not included.

£11.99 inc. tax

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Great quality and looks amazing 5 product stars
"Great price.. This bucket has the perfect look and is the perfect size for storing soiled nappies. Its cleverly designed lid holds all the smells inside. Excellent product." Kieth - 27/10/2015
Great Value 5 product stars
"we find these keep 2-3 days of nappies. no smells. Great colours too!" Fabia - 08/05/2016
Excellent Quality 5 product stars
"I looovvveeee this holds the dirty diaper smell for days, either solid or liquid mess lol. Another observation is the durability of this bucket, excellent quality, excellent price..." Ann-Marie - 20/02/2018

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